tiistai 30. toukokuuta 2017

Atom Mouth Gimlies - Music On Quills LP

Julkaistu yhdessä Gafonin ja Urealis-tuotannon kanssa.

Atom Mouth Gimlies - Music On Quills LP

A1 Creator
A2 Hermit
A3 Get Back Into This World
A4 This Train
A5 Pink Flies
B1 Creeper
B2 Loop
B3 Show Me You Care
B4 Rust Stiff
B5 Into Better World

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favorite band! Would a ton of spotify?
Now it rang so it sounds!

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Soundi 1/2017

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ATOM MOUTH GIMLIES - "Music on Quills" 12''

Dark and desperate-sounding garage punk from Finland. This is my first exposure to this band, and the first track made me think of LOST SOUNDS, without synths and stripped of vocal melody. I slowly came to realize that this is a much more deranged band. The singer has a distant howl that never comes to sound familiar over the course of this record's roughly sixteen-minute playing time. Come to think of it, this whole record sounds like it was recorded at the end of a long dark hallway. By the time I flipped this one I was fully immersed: the B-side features an especially sick sequence of tracks, 45 seconds at a time, spiraling out of control between severely damaged interpretations of the URINALS and FEEDTIME . If you are a fan of songs where the players manage to play out of sync with one another even though there's only one riff (or even one chord), don't let this slip under your radar. Defiantly ugly music. (EW)
(Gafoni / Jumatsuga / Urealis-Tuotanto)

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Mutiny! #17