torstai 27. helmikuuta 2014

THE CHEESE 7'' (Helmikuu 2014)

TSUG-008 (julkaistu yhdessä FUCK CD'sn kanssa (fck-017))

THE CHEESE - s/t 7''

Hintaa 6e/kpl. 150kpl painos.

A1 Iron Lung
A2 Death
B1 Hermit
B2 Rash Boy

What other folks have said about this:

Of course this is just a damn good!!
hard disk! hard to name.
Degree of music, guys!

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MRR #374:

Boiling Oingo (besides having the best punk pseudonym of this century, so far) sounds like he recorded all his guitar and vocal parts completely separately from not only each other, but possibly the drums as well. Everything is as loud as it possibly can be (which is louder than you'd probably think it should be), and if you can slice through the fuzz and noise, you'll find some great tunes. The insanity of the recording quality is like an instrument in itself. Punk with a hint of Pacific Northwest late '80s grunge. "Death" and "Rash Boy" are the standout cuts on this slab of snot. I can't picture what this band looks like, or what kinds of bills they would play - and I mean that as a compliment. This record is ugly in a beautiful way. (FU)
(Fuck CDs)